Amboy Snowbirds Building Renovation is Complete

Public Open House to Celebrate Scheduled for July 14

You may have noticed a new look at 224 E. Maine Street in Amboy.  This building was purchased in 2008, through fundraisers and grants, by the Snowbird Club. Now, a decade later, the group has completed their Phase 1 remodel project.
The Snowbird building renovation Grand Opening will be on Saturday, July 14, 2018 from 6 to 8 p.m. Amboy and surrounding communities are invited to come see the new venue and to enjoy pulled pork, potato salad, beans and chips.  For you Snowbirds at heart, vintage snowmobiles will be on display.
The new meeting spot was remodeled with input from club members and building contractors to create an inviting venue for the club, businesses and recreational use. The Snowbird building is equipped with a large screen TV, computer hookups, large kitchen and seating for 250.  
The Snowbirds have been a club since the 1970s and they currently run about 70 members. Being a club member of the Snowbirds is an excellent way to enjoy winter with people who share a love and interest in snowmobiling. The Snowbirds are a family-oriented club. Patrick Pfeffer, club president, remembers when he was 12 and the club built the trail between Mapleton and Amboy with his parents and friends.   
“We lived in Mapleton and it gave us access to other trails, then we built trails through Daly Park and to Minnesota Lake.” Pfeffer, with his wife, Marissa, and daughter, Ava, are hoping  more families will join the club and get involved enjoying the outdoors, nature and winter as a family affair. 
Patrick would like to see the club membership numbers improve.  However, he said, “The club is lucky to have quite a few younger people in their membership, because many clubs do not have the same young growth.”   Pfeffer’s wife added, “We need more women and young families!  We would love to go to the Waconia Vintage Snowmobile ride with a large group of club members and their families. It is a fun time, with a cookout, a ride on Saturday, and the opportunity to see vintage snowmobiles.” 
The first members of the Snowbirds were land owners who made the first trails between Amboy and Vernon Center.  Since that time—20 years ago—the club has made trails to Mapleton, Minnesota Lake, Good Thunder and Daly Park. The club runs about 180 miles of snowmobile trails. The Daly Park trail showcases the woods, river bottom and viewing wildlife abundant with deer. Patrick says, “The most scenic trail is from Amboy to Vernon Center.”
The club receives Grant in Aid Program from the DNR to maintain the trails, using the club’s trail groomer and Tucker Snow Cat to smooth the trails. The club is paid to groom the trails and place signage through a grant from snowmobile registration monies.     
The Snowbirds host several events throughout the year such as youth safety training in the fall on a Saturday, a cash raffle, Daytona 500 party, and the Vintage Snowmobile Show in Waconia.
The Snowbirds meet on first Thursday of the month at 7:30 p.m.   Club dues are $50 a year per family and $100 a year for businesses. If you are interested in becoming a Snowbirds Club member, please call Patrick Pfeffer at 507-317-0595.
If you are interested in renting the renovated building space for a family reunion, bridal shower or other function, please contact Tyler Hunstad at 507-381-5017 or email

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